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Technical Information

Light source: OSRAN SMD Colour temperature: 2700K - 4000K (stepless adjustable) Dimmable: 5%-100% brightness (stepless adjustable) Colour rendering index: CRI>80 Luminaire connected wattage: 3.5 W Voltage: DC3.7V Luminaire luminous flux: 150lm Light optics: 100° Light distribution: Wide

Battery type: 18650 Li-ion battery. Battery capacity: 2200mAh×2. Battery charge: <6.5 hrs Battery life: >11hrs (100% light intensity) Adapter(optional): CLASS II; Input AC100-240V; Output DC5V 1A; Single contact charging base incl-: 1.2m USB cable included Switchs ON/OFF: Press knob Adjusts brightness: Turn knob Adjusts colour temperature: Press and turn knob Memory function: Memory of brightness & colour temperature Protection class: IP65

Safety: Class III